length seine for larger fish is 75 m, and the diameter of the rope for the seine must be 34 mm.Leashes seine tied to every one and a half meters, and the length of the leash can be from half a meter to two meters, depending on where it is located Seine.
hook nails, use a length of 15-20 cm, which are hand bend, must be forged and hardened.Instead of the usual rope seine can be used braided nylon cord, characterized by high durability.The distance between the leashes to a large river can be increased to one and a half meters.
Set across the river Seine, securing it at a small distance from the bottom so that the head was
swimming in the 30-40 cm above the surface of the bottom - so the fish can see it.Choose a place to house the Seine with a weak current, rich in small fish, frogs and other wildlife.
To install zherlichny Seine, rope advance boil in oil or prosmolite, and set it so that the rope slack floated freely.Attach a rope to the need to plug located at an equal distance from each other, and the edges of the rope attached to the opposite shore with the help of pointed stakes.
Lesko with a hook and bait tied to a float with a load that keeps the float upright.The current end of the fishing line with a hook and bait dip into the water.
for catching trout is better to use a seine-constriction - a need to put across the Seine river at night, as the cord taking the line 1 mm in diameter.The length of the leash is 1-1.2 m and diameter - 0.35 mm.
Hooks should be in the upper layer of water.Use no more than five leash as a seine is not wide.On a leash, wear sturdy hooks from number 7.