you need
  • shape, shoulder straps, line, needle, scissors, thimble, in some cases, pliers or tweezers, thread black, or coinciding with a touch of edge on the shoulder straps.
epaulets on his shirt is not sewn.They can be fixed with the help of the usual clips, threaded through a button in the pursuit.Then it is passed through the corresponding slots on the shoulder of his shirt and just crushes inside.It is a way for the lazy.If once, instead of staples to sew a button on a small thread leg, the shoulder straps can be repeatedly unbuckle and buckle back.
Understand with how to sew straps have only example of his jacket and outerwear.Occupation is quite laborious and occupy a certain period of time.The only good news the fact that this is done f
or a long time.Universal and only correct answer to the question of how to sew straps, can only give a corresponding order department, which is painted on the distance from the side seam on the shoulder epaulettes sewn.
Pogon is located in the bottom of the fence to the cross seam connecting the sleeve to the shoulder of his jacket.Horizontally on the shoulder epaulettes sewn so that the upper edge of 1 cm on top of the sign cross the shoulder joint.Thus, between the button on the pursuit and the side seam is a distance of 5 mm.Then stitched through the shoulder straps through the connection edge and the main part of the overhead.On top of the size of the stitches must be very small to inconspicuous and company commander and the sergeant could not tear them.Since the straps tight enough, in order to pierce them with a needle, thimble need.The best option - to push slightly the outer edge of the fabric overhead, hiding their base, and pass through a needle hole exactly in the seam.
It is a way for those who want to learn how to sew epaulettes on his tunic or any other uniform.