you need
  • Chevron, thread, needle, two pins line.
Before chevron stripe jacket on, you must know that such logos may be of different shape, different from each other in size.Different can be a place where mounted chevron.Today, these characteristics are determined by regulations of the departments and agencies whose employees wear uniforms.
So rules of wearing insignia members of the Interior established the relevant orders of the Interior Ministry and the annexes thereto.Operating current rules have not changed for about fifteen years.
Chevron or sleeve insignia 'Russian Interior Ministry, "ac
cording to regulations, should be placed on the left sleeve uniform, at a distance of 8 cm from the shoulder seam or fold to the top of the chevron.
sign of belonging to certain services and specific business units are located on the right sleeve in the center sleeve pocket (in winter and summer field uniform).On the other kinds of shapes such as badge mounted on the right sleeve at a distance of 8 cm from the top seam to the upper edge of the chevron.
In addition, students attending special schools MIA have stripes depending on the course (so-called "kursovki").Such patches are rectangular in shape.SUBMIT exchange stripes on the left sleeve in the form of a distance of 20 cm from the top seam of a sleeve to the top of "kursovki."
The technology chevron sewing to the sleeve is not very complicated, but it requires some skill.Once you've measured out the correct distance from the top seam sleeves, put on Chevron to the correct place.Now, the conventional needle or pin, attach the upper point of the chevron to the fabric sleeve.This point must be located in the middle of the sleeve, bearing in mind its width.
now wear his jacket and insert the appropriate side to the mirror, the lower edge of the chevron, so that when freely lowered hand chevron on the sleeve positioned vertically, straight.The second needle pin the lower part of the chevron on the chosen place.Now he is not going anywhere.
Remove the jacket and neat, small stitches, tucked away in, sew along the contour of the chevron.Try at the same time that Chevron did not form folds and tightly to the hose.Keep in mind that the color of the thread should match the color of the material stripe.