worth outset that Fenichka with Velcro to call some may not Fenichka, just a bracelet.However, the closure is still needed if the decorations are not allowed to be worn in school or at work or if you just like the variety itself.So, if you are not a fundamental hippies - safely make baubles with clasps.
For example, textile related from iris or other thread Baubles quite suitable fastener strap.Metal buckle can be bou
ght at any store for needlework.Weave Baubles must be the same width, which will be at the buckle.Before the start of weaving threads individually looped buckle in the middle partition, and then whipping Fenichka selected pattern.Length decorations should get to 2-3cm shorter than the circumference of the wrist.Fenichka When ready, the remnants of yarns need to tie knots in pairs to dissolve not jewelery, bend the ends of the threads and sew small stitches to the wrong side.Once you will perfectly sew together about half a centimeter, you can cut off the excess thread.Then, from the soft thin leather or synthetic leather, cut two identical strap suitable width, length approximately 4-5cm.Manual or on the sewing machine sew the straps on both sides to end Baubles so that they completely cover the ends of the thread filed.Sew straps to each other.You have only a thick needle to pierce a few holes in the strap, and Fennec can be safely worn.
beaded jewelry For more suitable fasteners made of beads.Metal hooks and magnetic locks are also possible, but with the ideology of the hippie metal does not fit all.To make the clasp of beads, baubles ends you have to do is not straight, and triangular.Begin to weave Baubles with large beads, through which all the major thread miss.Few continue to buckle, behind a bead strung beads 3-4.Then braid Fenichka as planned.When you're done, and collect all the strings and pass them through a few beads.From the resulting "tail" make a loop, of sufficient diameter for the passage of the beads.
Another way to fix Fenichka at hand - to make ordinary strings.To do this, simply leave the long ends of the threads in the weaving on both sides, and when the band is ready - weave them into braids.To learn how to wear a tie and hand on this jewel, you will need some skill, but after a little practice you can easily do it.