Open in Photoshop some pictures that you want to put in a collage.Prepare the image - for each of them apply the filter Sharpen, selecting it from the menu Filter.Create a new layer and select a new layer rectangular patch using the tool Rectangular marquee tool.
Fill tool fills the selected area by selecting the appropriate color.Then combine the previous layers to a new layer, and then open the Edit menu and select the Free Transform, to change the contours of your photos.
Select to change the shape of the Warp tool and adjusting lines and points in the photos, giving them a suitable form - for example,
the shape of a waving flag.Modify this way all the photos.
Now pick a suitable texture, which will decorate your collage, and open it in Photoshop.Place the texture layer under the previous layers with photos.On top of all layers, create a new layer and fill it with a new color.
Set the layer blending mode to Multiply with the level of transparency of 69%.Now, on the toolbar, select the brush and set it by setting the Shape Dynamics - Pen Pressure and Scattering.Spacing option set to 194%.
set the brush size by 25 pixels.You can make the brush softer, if you change the parameters of its transparency.Create a new layer above the texture and use a brush to create decorative patterns around photos.Use the brush on the other texture paint some random lines around photos.
Additionally you can insert into a collage decorative element - for example, a flower or any other fragment of a picture or pictures.Complete collage inscriptions.