you need
  • - camera;
  • - tripod.
Prepare the necessary equipment for the shooting.Night mode has almost all modern digital compact cameras.But to get a good night photos in your camera need manual adjustment of exposure.To frame was not blurred, in a night of shooting, you will need a tripod.In low light conditions it is impossible to shoot with it.There are cameras that allow you to shoot with hands on exposures to second.In such matrix cameras mounted in a magnetic field and moves together with the hand of man.If your camera does not have these advantages, it is inevitable to use a tripod.Landscape photography should be done without flash, or the light just snatch the for
Choose the right time and the weather.Businesses are advised to remove the so-called "sensitive time".It lasts 20-30 minutes after sunset, when the sky has not turned black, but lit city street lighting.In the morning this time begins 30 minutes before sunrise, when the dark sky gradually lighten.In winter you can not adjust to the modal time.Low clouds reflect the lights of the city, and the sky turns out not so dark.As for the weather, it does make clear sky frame banal and nebula clouds or give flavor shot.
Turn on your camera and set it to manual mode.Secure the camera on a tripod, select the song and point the camera at the subject.
Pick-value parameters exposure aperture.By adjusting the length of exposure, it can achieve a variety of results.The delay is longer (up to a minute or more), the smaller items will be in the photo.It will not be seen bystanders, cars passing, only the headlights traced a picture bright band.Night city will be empty.Shoot with a long exposure is better fixed objects.
Select the lowest sensitivity matrix.Long Exposure themselves contribute to the addition of noise (graininess), so try to use the smallest value of ISO (ISO sensitivity is a matrix of pixels).
Set the camera to shooting mode "timer".Press the button and remove your hands from the camera.During those seconds, until the timer runs, camera shake caused by your hands, subsides, and get a clear picture not smeared night.