For the exhibition in the first place is the importance of the picture as the image carrier.One photo the exhibition to present one will not, therefore, a photographic exhibition is held in the collections of photos, united by the same or similar subjects.Registration must match the theme.For example, if there is a children's theme, and the design must be correct.You can use the framework of the children's applications, pictures, you can put pictures into images of animals, characters, fairy tales, etc.
Design solutions decoration of photos may be completely different, there is a matter of taste and creativity.Photos can be made o
paque, and can be glossy.You can just stick on a sheet of heavy paper, and you can put in a frame and under glass.So it will look more aesthetically pleasing and respectable.Pictures can be placed in a complex, such as a stand and can be single.
decoration, but rather the location of the pictures must take into account characteristics of the premises where the exhibition will be performed, the type and level of coverage, as well as other aspects of the exhibition hall.You must also take into account the dimensions of the image.For example, put a little out of place in the big picture a massive frame.Registration should decorate photo , and not to draw attention to itself.
By providing photos to show necessary to clarify the requirements for photo and registration requirements of the organizers, of course, if you are not the organizer of the exhibition.After registration, it is desirable to assess how the picture will look in the exhibition and the atmosphere together with the background of the hall.Sometimes these moments are very important for the correct perception of images.