you need
  • - text editor Microsoft Word;
  • - editing Paint;
  • - editing software Photoshop.
text file with a colored inscription can be done using the editor Microsoft Word.Create a new document in the editor by pressing the "New File" or the command "New" from the "File" menu.Type the label text.
To change the color and size of the line, select it and click the Settings window with the command "Font" from the "Format" menu.In the window that opens, select the type of font, style, size and color.If necessary, you can modify the title, adding to her shadow, outline, strikethrough, underline, by checking the appropriate checkbox.Click OK.
Save the created label with the command "Save" from the "File" menu.
For an image file wi
th a color sign, you can use the editor Paint.Select the "Text" tool palette, click the left mouse button on the section of the document, which will begin with the label and enter the text from the keyboard.
Adjust the font, size and density of the fill using the drop-down list in the panel below the main menu.To change the color of the caption, click the left mouse button on the desired color in the palette, located in the lower left corner of the screen.
the inscription "Save" from the "File" menu.In the window that opens, select the location on your hard drive where the file will be saved with the word, enter a file name and select from the drop down list the type of file.Click on the "Save" button.
To quickly create a beautiful inscription, you will need the editor Photoshop.Create a document in the editor of arbitrary size in RGB color mode with the command New («New») menu File («File").In the tool palette, select the Horizontal Text Tool («horizontal text tool").Click the left mouse button on any point in the open document and enter the text label.
Set the font, font style, font size, and color fill.This can be done by selecting the text and set the desired settings in the panel, which is located under the main menu.You can apply labels to set up one of the styles palette Styles («Styles"), which can be seen in the middle of the right part of the window Photoshop.To style the label, click on the button of the selected style left mouse button.If you do not like the result, undo the last action using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Z and apply a different style.
the inscription with the command Save («Save») menu File («File") or a keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S.