First, find a mobile light source.It is better if it is some kind of table lamp or carrying.The main thing is that the instrument is fully functional.
Take the light bulb and carefully screw the cartridge in it.It would be correct to say, not a light bulb screwed into a socket, and slowly and very carefully tighten the chuck around the bulb.During these operations, make sure that the thread bulb that hangs loosely, not deformed.
Once you hard-boiled light bulb into the socket, portability should be included in the network.Then slowly turn the lamp so that the ends of the thread, which broke of
f and hang out, have been able to connect.In contact ends dangling threads of electric charge, which will be held between them, act as a kind of electric welding.It definitely sealed the ends of the broken strands.As a result of these actions, you can be sure that some time light has to be able to serve.
Notice does not depend on whether the fact that the bulbs burn out from some certain instrument.If you do find a relationship, you need to check the device, otherwise the bulbs will have to revive permanently or always keep a large amount of spare lamps.Make sure everything is OK with the switch on the instrument, with the cartridge, be sure to test the well and contacts in the circuit.Pay attention to every little detail, because it is not only in blowout bulb.Any electrical appliance can be a fire hazard.
If you carefully check the contacts and fix problems, if any, can be sure that the new bulb will burn out any time soon.And in order to be more confident in gaining lamps, look for markings.Previously, better measure the maximum voltage that is possible in your apartment.Do it at night, when most appliances are turned off.Buy a light bulb with the most appropriate labeling.