Tip 1: How to print on a T-shirt

T-shirts with a picture printed on it - one of the most common kinds of clothes, and no wonder.Each T-shirt expresses the personality of its owner.You can buy a T-shirt with a pattern that you like, but you can order it application, and choose your own picture.How to print on a T-shirt - the issue of interest to many.Someone wants to make a shirt for himself, and someone - to start their own production of T-shirts.
you need
  • shirt, sketch drawing
If you plan to print on T-shirts the same drawing in large quantities, it is most commonly used method of screen printing.Silk screen printing - a printing using a stencil, with a T-shirt on appears bright and clear image.Silkscreen gives the most intense color, as the T-shirt is applied a thick layer of paint.
When you need a particularly high quality, but small amounts are assumed to be the best way to put on a t-shirt design is thermal transfer.On the fabric is transferred thin vinyl film with a pattern.Under the influenc
e of high temperature (about 200 degrees Celsius), the film is embedded in the fabric, so the image quality is obtained and durable.
highest quality printing on a T-shirt provides a method of sublimation.True, there is an important lack of sublimation.With this method it is possible to print figures only on light tissues.The quality of the transferred pattern leaves no doubt - when applied using just two effects, firstly, the temperature (160 degrees Celsius present), and secondly, the chemical - special sublimation ink react.Such an image is not lost or after washing, or after extended use.In fact, the life of the printed image is the same as the life of the product.

Tip 2: How to print on T-shirts

print on a T-shirt can be applied to one of the 4 existing methods.Some allow you to get an image at home, some only in the industrial production.
Printing on T-shirts
Recently become very popular to use the T-seal.This T-shirt decorated with a pattern or inscription, you can wear yourself, but you can donate or organize production for subsequent sale.Technology textile printing are constantly being improved, allowing you to get the coveted image saturated, bright color, which does not tarnish and is not cleared for a long time.

existing printing technology

1. Printing on fabric by means of the special printer.
2. Printing on paper and then transferring the image onto the fabric using a thermal press.
3. Thermal Transfer: silk-screen printing on fabric.
4. Decal.

features of each

With the advent of special textile printers has become possible to put on any clothes liked the image.You just have to wear a T-shirt on a special sliding table and to obtain printing.In the future, for fixing the paint it should be dried with a special device or a heat press.However, this method allows you to apply print only on the white T-shirt: the color to be applied to require additional underlay white pattern.Among the advantages of this method can be called a quick preparation for printing, high resolution, choice of texts and images.The disadvantage is to remember the high cost of print and time-consuming.This method is justified only in case you want to process a small number of T-shirts.

second technology in two ways: by sublimation printing method called «magic touch».In the first method is applied to printing paper, special inks, then, at high temperatures the paper is pressed against the tissue, and T is painted in the desired color.However, such a printing method is applicable only to articles of polyester.In the second method, the image is printed onto film and then stick it to the fabric under heat press.This printing method is applicable to cotton products.

Decal involves cutting the film on the plotter and the subsequent assembly of multi-color images.The resulting paste appliqué T-shirt using the same thermo.The technology allows you to create simple labels on T-shirts, vector emblems and logos.When thermal transfer technology to print the image is carried out by screen printing.The resulting "decal" is adhered to the fabric heat press or iron.The finished product is obtained without the effect of colored rectangular stickers.
Helpful Hint
If you need to get a big party T-shirts with a picture quality at a relatively low price - choose a method of screen printing.This is a great quality, fast results, low cost.If, however, you need to make only one or two shirts, the best thing would be to take advantage of thermal transfer.Sublimation - a method that will provide the highest quality and durability of the image.
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