primarily take care of the organization of lighting.It can be both permanent and pulse.You can also use both options at the same time: for example, to combine the lamp with flash.When you select a camera flash illumination is required with a special connector for an external flash.You can also use the synchronizers, which will help in working with light.
Think about what equipment you will need to shoot and get it.The choice of subjects depends on the genre.For portraits and subject pictures it is recommended to select the appropriate elements of the interior, which will help to create the right mood.To shoot animals require draping or "natural sites" with an artificial or real grass, sh
rubs and other details.You can also use sets that mimic the roof garden and so forth.
Decide whether you will shoot small objects - for example, not big things for the catalog online store or portfolio.If you plan to photograph them, or buy fotostol Photobox - Special items with white surfaces, against which things look photographed very clearly and effectively.You can try to make yourself Photobox fabric or drawing paper, but in this case it is important to make sure that all surfaces are equally reflected light and are evenly illuminated.
desirable to buy or make your own background stands.They can be black, white, gray, although you can use other, less popular shades.Against the background of such stands convenient to do "journal" survey - so the models photographed for the covers and posters.The best option for a small home studio - white laptop stand and a set of colored filters that can be attached to the light source of the background surface.