you need
  • large number of films,
  • analysis of films in terms of drama,
  • books on drama
Invent a hero for his plot well.Prescribe separately than it interesting.Describe his appearance, habits, hobbies.Think about who is in his inner circle - his friends and family.What does he do what his social status - a student, a retired worker, etc.The more you "know" about his character, and the more voluminous nature of the will.It will be interesting to the audience watching his fate, to empathize with him.And the moment of identification, which is so important for the movie, there will be a lot faster.Remember, start writing the story before you decide the main character does not make sense because plot and character are in tandem and always one follows from the other.
to the drafting of the plot.Prescribe the main events of your history.From tie and the first acquaintance with the hero of the audience, gradually move on, developing and complicating effect.Think of the history of the core, the main event (culmination) in which the passions would be the strongest.Your character will make this part of history is the most important step and realizes, finally, his heroic potential.The plot is the foundation of any plot and .Do not forget the climax of history.It does not have to be a blast.This can be quiet a convergence of action to zero or even open ending.It all depends on the type chosen history and the nature of your character.
Take motivations.Because no action hero should not occur without an inner justification of this action from the point of view of the character you portray.Just a bunch of hero motif, plot, and the plot called th.Ieif you are asked to retell the story any movie is a story that contains a description of the nature of the hero, the actions that he performs and the reasons for which he performs these actions.For example: "Father Joe was a farmer, like his grandfather and great grandfather.After his father became ill, Joe himself has to deal with the economy.His family farm passed from father to son for generations.And Joe is simply no right to choose, it starts to deal with the farm, though his father's illness, he had very different plans for life.He fell in love with recently arrived at the farm nurse Kathy and together they planned to run the city.The illness of his father Joe upset all plans.He was very angry at fate.Suddenly, my father is dying.And Joe free hand.He leaves with Katy in the city.The farm sells its neighbor.In the city everything goes as planned, Joe, because Joe Cathy changes and throws it.Joe with a broken heart back to the farm.He understands that he made a mistake.After selling the family farm, he betrayed the family business.He has been working hard and eventually he manages to buy back the farm again.Throughout his neighbor helping daughter Lisa (which has long been secretly in love with Joe), Lisa in the finale and married Joe. "This sequence of events with the exemplary description of the characters, their actions and motivations called plot th.