you need
  • 250 g monochromatic yarn, straight needles №4, circular needles №3,5, hook №3, 4 buttons to match the yarn.
Before you start knitting, take a sample to calculate the number of loops and the density of knitting.Pattern for vest but you can choose any one suit for him and an ordinary Shawl or hosiery knitting, pearl motif.It looks beautiful in the sleeveless variety of braids.If you use different designs, make patterns for each of the patterns.Calculate the required number of loops for the first series
of typesetting.For this.Divide the width of your sample on the number of loops.For example, in the sample of 10x10 turned 20 loops and 35 rows.Consequently, in a 1 cm - 2 loops.Back width, multiply by 2. Thus, you get a calculation of the required number of loops for the first series of typesetting.For girls 7 years it will be 86 loops.
first tie back detail.Dial on the spokes 86 №4 loops and knit pattern.In the 39th row from typesetting to add a number of side bevels once on one hinge.After 21.5 cm from the dialer number close to armholes every four loops on both sides.Then, in each second row two times two times two loops, one loop.As a result, the spokes will be 68 loops.Provyazav38 typesetting cm from the edge bevel shoulder for close once five loops on both sides, then in every second row once five loops, then six and four loops.Simultaneously with the first decrease for the shoulder bevel, close to the average 28 loop neckline and both sides finish separately.To neckline was rounded, with the inner edge of each second row close once three loops and once two loops.After 40 cm from the edge of typesetting all the loops are to be used.
Shelves knit the same way.But if you want to make vest on the clasp, dial 43 loops.A few rows make a hole for the buttons on the left ledge, and the rest is done through holes 19 series.On the right hand side, follow the bevel, bevel shoulder and armhole as on the back.After 2o cm from the edge of the typesetting for the V-shaped recess follow the left hand double decrease once and then every sixth row 8 times and twice the subtraction once simple decrease.After 40 cm from the edge of typesetting close all the loops.Right front knit symmetrically.
Sew shoulder and side seams.The edges of the cutout in the front of the neck and tie the hook without nakida column.Suffice it to number one.Along the edges of armholes on the dial 96 loops on circular needles № 3,5 and tie three circular rows.Close the loop.It remains to sew buttons and beautiful vest for girls ready.