Tip 1: How to tie spokes hats for newborns

crochet beanie kids do better with soft yarn, preferably without seams and extra patterns.All this can rub skin and cap will be uncomfortable.If you want to bind a cap for the girls, you can decorate it with ruffles, crocheted.Sew them on top of the base web.
you need
  • - yarn 100g;
  • - the spokes;
  • - hook.
beanie baby to need quite a bit of thread.Dial in two spokes 74 loops and elastic knit 1 * 1 6-8 series.Next
gum after a number of knit purl loops.To him then sew ruffles - it will be more evident.Next, perform a series of 22 front stitch, then spread on the loop hosiery needles.
Now knit circular rows, but the first one again must be from backstitches loops - there will also ruffles.The circular rows do subtraction.First provyazyvayte together every 6th and 7th loop, then every 5th and 6th, 4th and 5th.Repeat subtraction through a series of, in every second, while the spokes will not remain 10 stitches.
last loops pull the thread and secure it with a knot on
the outside of the cap.At the edge of the web, type the new loop, knit 1 * 1 rubber band about 3 cm. On the one hand this gum prepare buttonholes.To this end a number of close loops 2-3, and in the next row over their type.Buttons can prepare from threads - it is soft and does not natret child's neck.
Take the hook, dial 3-5 air loops and close them in the circle.Knit in a circle without the addition of 5-8 series.Try the button to the size of the loop.The finished product is pull the thread.
If you do not want to mess with the button, prepare the strings.To do this, type the crochet chain stitches, and knit one row of columns without nakida.The length of the chain, consider the way that it was enough for the straps.Then, without breaking the thread, begin to fasten the edge of the neck lobster step.On the other hand gum continue a chain of air loops and also tie its columns without nakida.
To tie ruffles for hats, grab hook dial a chain of air loops, or can immediately vyvyazyvayut nakida bars without the backing of pre-prepared series.Then follow the pattern from the circuit.
How to tie spokes hats for newborns

Tip 2: How to tie spokes

hat knitted hats never go out of fashion.They are comfortable in different situations.Wearing a knit cap possible and elegant coats, and with a blazer.Such a cap connected British gum, and suitable for women and men.
Cap with Lapel, British gum-related
you need
  • 200g woolen yarn of medium thickness
  • circular needles №2,5
Measure the head circumference and the distance from the middle of the forehead to thecrown.Cap knitted British band.For a sample dial on the spokes of an odd number of loops.
1 number - 1 front, 1 nakida, 1 to remove the loop, not provyazyvaya.The yarn is looped over
number 2 - 1 nakida, 1 to remove the loop, not provyazyvaya, removed loop and nakida previous row knit together the front.
3 series - filmed loop of the previous row and nakida knit together facial, 1 nakida, 1 loop off.
Chereduyshe second and third rows.
linking specimen, calculate the number of loops.
Enter the desired number of loops on circular needles.Knit 6-8 cm of the English band.Identify the right and wrong sides.One series of facial knit loops provyazyvaya loop and along the drawn line and last nakida nakida not doing nakida in a new row.On the wrong side should be backing a series - a line of folding flap.
start again British gum and knit fabric, equal in length to the distance from the middle of the forehead to the crown.
the face of the tie series of facial loops provyazyvaya nakida and remove the loop from the previous row along the front, the front - a drawing, nakida else does.
Turn the work and number of purl knit, not subtracting loop.
again turn the work and take away the loop under the scheme: 1 front, 2 front together.The next series of purl knit.
Tear off the thread Thread the needle it in thick.Pull the thread through the loop, starting from the first, tighten and how to fix on the wrong side.Sew hat
.Fold the flap.
English gum looks the same on both sides of the product.
Helpful Hint
The cap can be decorated with a pompon
Helpful Hint
hats for boys leave without frills.
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