you need
  • - pleated skirt;
  • - yarn with needles;
  • - scissors;
  • - sewing machine.
Take skirt, long enough to get the dress out of it.If she stayed there for a long time in the closet, wash it and iron.Inspect the product from all sides in time to find holes or other defects that need to be addressed.Pay attention to the gum skirt - from the long-term storage it can lose elasticity and yellowing.Gently tweak Parts requiring repair or replacement.
gently thrust hem.Ironed skirt put on a flat surface, smoothing out all the wrinkles pleating.Even better stretch gum product and secure it in this position p
ower button - it increases the confidence that you are cutting the dress right.If the skirt is only one seam, place it back in the middle strictly.The side seams should remain in place.
each side of the product, cut a strip width of about 15 centimeters.Before reaching the gum skirt - leave 30 centimeters to make the sleeves-wings.Treat all sections overlock or zigzag.Turn the dress inside-out the future and do the side seams.The bottom of the sleeves can simply fold it and sew better oblique Bakey.Perform the same procedure with the bottom of the whole product.Progladte new seams that you have done.
How to alter skirt dress
If you do not like the look of the neck, which is waist skirts, nasheyte her handmade lace or any other decorative element.

to this dress from skirts pick up the appropriate stitch strap or belt.To decorate the cut-gum in the department of sewing accessories, choose a beautiful fancy flower, or even better a few.Put them on the pins and change the mood or depending on the case, and the day when you wear this dress.
How to alter skirt dress