Knitwear with a pattern or ornament is always unique.Two identical never succeed, even if you use the same scheme.Knit knitting patterns easy.They always tally face embroidery, which is the easiest way to knit: facial facial ranks of knitted loops, purl - purl.
easiest by drawing - is a pattern of two or three colors.All you need to vyvyazat ornament - a line of matching colors and strict adherence to the scheme.
If you choose a more complicated pattern, for example, little creatures, fairy or gnome flowers have to work more.You need to find a scheme
pictures.If not, you can take a scheme for cross
stitch (one cross - is one loop).
Calculate loop product so that the picture was in the middle or wherever you need.This will help to find out whether it will figure on your product (if a little thing for the baby, and the picture is too large).
Cook thread of all colors that are in the picture.Generally, even the most simple design requires no less than four colors.For complex drawings to count the number of colors is not immediately possible.If there is a ready scheme knit, it indicates the color of the thread and how much you will need.
knitting needles pictures more comfortable when you have several balls of thread of each color.At the same time on the wrong side of the previous thread color just pulled.Care should be taken so that the pulling thread is not tied up the canvas and hung freely, otherwise the thing will be uncomfortable to wear.
If the figure large areas of a single color, then pulling the thread will be very long.To avoid this, do not pull the string and take another ball of yarn of the same color, and the transition from one color to another crisscross thread.
contour drawing embroider or contrasting black thread to highlight the details of the picture.Small elements of the picture are also easier to sew.