Tip 1: How to sew a baptismal shirt

Baptism - is a sacred sacrament, which is the first step towards a new stage in life.Therefore, it should correspond to the case, and especially clothing.And best of all to make the baptismal shirt with his hands.Use for sewing fine natural fabrics - batiste, cotton or calico.
you need
  • 1) Base fabric width from 1 to 1,20 m and a length of 60 cm (depending on the size of the child).
  • 2) Satin ribbons - 8 m.
  • 3) Symmetrical lace - 8 m.
addition to the base material, prepare a thin satin ribbon and lace width of two and a half centimeters and a length of abouteight meters.It is useful to you to decorate the shirts.Color ribbons pick depending on the sex of the child can be blue, pink or can be neutral - white.
Since the shirt on his back with the smell will be much easier to another version, make the back of the two parts with an allowance to the smell of 5-6 centimeters.
Mark the middle of the forehand and sew lace on this line from the neck to the bottom.Then
apply a lace and satin ribbon stitched on both sides.
remaining lace cut in half to make it narrower, and stitched front, departing from the already sewn tape on either side of 0.7 cm. Stitched lace and on the bottom, making the small assembly.
Connect the shelf at shoulder cut.Treat seams on overlock.Cover with top stitching lace and satin ribbon scribbled.Slightly making assembly sew lace on the sleeve holes, also decorated with a ribbon on top.Stitch side seams, leaving on one side a small notch in the belt (for the ribbon-ties), and neaten all shirt round.Turn over the neck of the piping.
rear halves treat with hem in place smell and sew two ribbons at left slot.
left chest nasheyte of small ribbons cross.
Get ready white cap and decorate it according to the shirt.Nasheyte lace around the edges with a ribbon.You can only topstitch ribbon in two rows from the forehead to the nape of the neck.And you will have not just a shirt for baptism, but a suit that will decorate for receiving the baptism of the child, and then it will remind him about this important event in his life.

Tip 2: Baptism of the child: the customs, rules and traditions

Christening baby has long been an important ritual and sacred mystery, which is celebrated with the closest friends and relatives.Around there are many christening customs, rules and traditions, some of which have been lost, but the majority of them survived to this day.
The baptism of the child: the customs, rules and traditions

Preparing for the christening

Preparing for the baptism of the child is a responsible process, in which you need to follow certain traditions and rules.To prepare for the sacrament of the parents have a baby, and his future godfather.To the child was received into the Church, just a godfather for a boy or for a girl godmother.By choosing godparents must be approached with the utmost seriousness, as they will take care of his godson on a par with native parents.

It is believed that the godfather and mother are responsible for the spiritual education of the child and his Christian adulthood.

Usually this rite taken hold in the period from the 8th to the 40th day of life the baby is going to be baptized, because at this time it comes under the protection of God and cleansed of original sin.In ancient times, this period was conditioned by the early deaths of young children from the disease, and an unbaptized child of belief was doomed to perdition of his soul.Choosing godparents, you need to determine the place and date of baptism.Baptism can be performed in any church, the religion of parents, but it needs to be arranged with the priest.When choosing a church, it is desirable to be guided by their personal feelings on the place and the priest.If you are satisfied, the priest will give detailed instructions to prepare for the ceremony, and will respond to all urgent questions.


All those present at the baptism should look properly: women need to cover his head with a handkerchief and put on medium-length skirt, and men - a suit or other relevant in church clothes.All participants must have a baptism to yourself pectoral cross.Before the ceremony, it is desirable to specify whether to enable the church photography and filming of this significant event, because not all clerics approve such interference in such an intimate act.

Since the cross from the date of baptism must constantly be on the child's body, at its choice should take into account the size and material of this church attribute.

baby christening clothes should be light and comfortable.It could not be better suited for this special ceremony christening shirts and towels.They are often left on the memory, because there is a belief that they can alleviate the condition of the sick child to wipe wet towel christening.
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