does not matter on what machine you sew - Hand, foot-operated or power - causes of this problem are the same.Match druguItak strands each, the first thing you should pay attention - this is whether one another lower and upper thread.Sometimes a special type of line is allowed a slight difference, but as a rule, the thread should not differ by number.For example, the upper thread - №40, and the bottom - №10 - invalid znacheniya.Sootvetstvie tkaniNit thread may break due to the inconsistency of its character rooms tissue.Too heavy, thick fabric retains a thin thread, obstruct, as a result of the thread going and rvetsya.Sootvetstvie thread number iglyDaz
he number if you are able to insert a thick thread the needle intended for a thin thread, you get an already known result - strand breaks.Pick the right needle thread and fabric.For this purpose, the machine instruction is to be a special table.This is all that concerned the improper selection of material.Now consider the nuances associated with the mechanism of the machine, which lead to breakage niti.Raznoe thread tension If the upper thread tension does not correspond to thread tension in the hook, the thread may break.There probably are several options.If the needle thread tension is too tight - upper thread breaks.To fix this problem you need to release the tension.In the mechanism of the machine have washers regulating the thread tension, these goals revolve in opposite directions, and in the case of a strong upper thread tension washers must be oslabit.Esli lower thread breaks, you have to loosen the tension of the bobbin thread.Its tension is regulated in the shuttle.It must be removed and a special screwdriver to loosen the screw a little that in a single amount - you have it right with igloyVo obnaruzhite.Problemy First, you may have inserted the needle properly, check it.Secondly, a new needle can have sharp edges of the tab, the cutting needle.You can change the needle to another, but you can take a strong string , rub polishing paste and polish your ear.The choice is yours.And, thirdly, you may have a defective igla.Obschie sovetyNe forget to lubricate the machine special machine oil.If you use it often, do it once a month.If rare - before using the machine, lubricate it.In the untreated oil machine sharp start can lead to thread breakage.Do not remove from the accounts of the quality of the thread.It can also affect the quality of the sewing.And, of course, the thread must be properly installed.