you need
  • - a motley fabric on the skirt;
  • - single-colored fabric on the shirt;
  • - knitted or woven shawl;
  • - beads, old coins, round metal plates;
  • - flower in her hair;
  • - fringe;
  • - cover of glossy magazines;
  • - varnish;
  • - scissors;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - needles;
  • - thread;
  • - adhesive;
  • - graph paper;
  • - compasses;
  • - pencil;
  • - chalk or soap;
  • - pattern blouse.
One of the main parts of the Roma suit - skirt.Very often in the old days were few gypsy skirts.New and beautiful worn on top of the old and tattered.However, a few wearing skirts just uncomfortable, so sew a skirt, a bright sun or polusolntse.Measure the waist circumferenc
e and the length of the skirt.Calculate the radius of the inner circle.Draw it.Throw in its radius length skirt without frills and draw the outer circle.For polusolntsa divide the circle in half.
cotton or silk cloth skirt wider is better to choose to not have to make unnecessary seams.Circle pattern, not forgetting the seam allowance and a belt.Carve out a frill.It should be about 1.5-2 times the length of the lower edge of the skirt.Its width is 10-15 cm.
Hem bottom edge of ruffles or treat it overlock.The upper edge of prostrochite very large stitches, then is gathered.Fold frill skirt and right sides together, aligning the upper medium frill to the bottom of the skirt.Sour cream and sostrochite did build distributing evenly over the entire length.
Stitch seam skirt.Fold top of 0.3 cm, followed by 2-3 cm, baste and stitched.Insert the elastic band and seal the hole.Skirt can be made of several layers.Take a few "suns" or "polusolnts" lengths.Sostrochiv seams insert one layer to another, then the third, to the shortest turned on.The upper edge of the sour cream.Make belt.
blouse can look in the closet.In principle, suitable even T-shirt, if it is large enough notch.Strict Shirtwaist unlikely to be appropriate.If you did not find anything suitable, get any pattern blouse.Sew it in the same way as any other shirt, but do the sleeves to the elbow, and decorate them with flounces.For the neck, too, the most suitable frill or two.Carve fabric strip length of 2 times the width of the sleeve and the neck line portion.Deal or overlock hem bottom, the top edge is gathered.Sew shuttlecocks to blouse.
shawl can take any.If no, cut from fabric with a large pattern big right-angled triangle.The fabric is better to take a two-way and not very dense.The longest side of the neat hem.The two others sew fringe.
Gypsy love bright beads.Pick something appropriate in a casket with jewelry.You can make beads and ourselves.For this, the cover of glossy magazines.Raschertite its parallel straight lines, leaving between them a distance of 1 cm. To get something like a sheet in the line.Cut the paper to these strips.Each strip bend on the diagonal and also cut.
Make bead.Spread glue on its underside side and twist, starting from the side opposite to the acute angle.Twist in the wrong direction, which is smeared.Similarly, do the rest of the beads.Cover them with varnish, and strung on a string or fishing line.