Dickey fit simply.With this work will cope even novice knitters.Thread for it will require a little bit - 100-150 g wool of medium thickness.Type in the spokes of 64 loops and knit, distributed them into four needles hosiery.Start with gum 2 * 2 and continue until a 14 cm blade.
Next, add a loop as follows: * 1 PHI.n., 2 sts knit of broaches, 1 PHI.n. * Additions again before the end of the series.Continue knitting in a circle, while purl loops must remain Wrong.Two Additions knit facial loops, crisscrossing them together - you'll have a pigtail.Increase performed in every fifth row.The addition of facial loop knit, in the beginning and end of each sector.
Continue to knit 26 rows, and when the loop will be a lot, go on circular needles.Try a shirt front of the child, if the width is suffici
ent, close the loop.If shirtfront for girls - decorate it with beads, fringe tie edge products.Dickey for the boy can leave as is, or embroider a suitable pattern.
Try to link children's shirt front hook.Start with a set of loops.
Dial the number of stitches, then knit columns with nakida.Third row - embossed with a column nakida, can alternate convex and concave - will be similar to gum related spokes.
To perform the front relief column, enter the hook in the wall of the column of the previous row.The backing embossed column follow this: enter the hook under the loop of the previous row, pull the thread out of the bottom wall of the loop.
vyvyazyvaniya If during this part of the product to select yarn of a different color - get striped gum.Work even additions, until you reach the desired height.During operation, try on knitting the neck of the child.
Next knit with the addition of adding 10-15 loops.Then gradually change hooks - take one size bigger every 3-5 series.The main item can knit regular columns without nakida or pattern.The last row of tie rachim step.On the one hand the product prepare buttonholes.Try on the size of the available buttons, teach, they will pull a little bit after washing.
How to tie dickey child spokes