Before you start get your hands on such a reception as nakida.To perform nakida, the right to move the needle under the working thread from right to left index finger.You will get a loop.If the next number you provyazhete nakida on the wrong loop, you'll have a hole in your knitting pattern will openwork.Usually after nakida multiple loops knit together, then the number of loops and hence the width of the body remain constant.
So, we proceed to methods provyazyvaniya broach.
Method 1.
knit the first loop face.Knit the next stit
ch, without removing it.Now drag the second loop through the first and shoot.Remember that broaches the result will depend on what kind of wall you will knit facial loops.You can provyazyvat
nakida in another way: the right to move the needle under the working thread in the direction from right to left.If you are under this nakida provyazhete seamy loop, the number of loops rise, but the hole is not formed.
Method 2.
In this method, you will need to provyazyvat two loops one - is another option to increase the number of loops.Knit loop for the back wall of the previous row, with no tension band with spokes.Now
knit another loop the rear wall loops of the previous row, as in the first step.Do not remove the hinges with spokes.Make nakida.Knit another loop of the same loop from which you provyazyvali first, but this time the front wall.Remove the hinges.
method 3.
In the first row, remove the loop, not provyazyvaya it.In the second row (or a few rows) knit the wrong on this loop.Such loops are often used as the basis for knitting "lazy" patterns, ie, patterns of two colors, but it was created at the expense of elongated loops.
Mix and match different types of loops, create beautiful and amazing patterns and raduyte yourself and loved ones new clothes created with his own hands.Good luck to you!