Tip 1: How to sew a skirt-Sun

skirt sun or flared skirt - one of the easiest to perform and at the same time one of the most spectacular models.The skirt of the breed is suitable for women with any figure, it gives the silhouette of femininity.Pattern "sun" is the great circle whose radius depends on the length of the article and a smaller circle in the center of the big - the length of the circumference equal to the circumference of the waist.This pattern can be built right into the fabric.
you need
  • - tissue;
  • - sewing accessories;
  • - thin fleece;
  • - a hidden zipper;
  • - sewing machine.
Remove the two measurements: waist circumference (OT) and the length of the products (CI).These two yardsticks enough to build a pattern "sun."
Calculate the amount of tissue needed to sew the skirt flared.If you are going to sew not very long skirt , the fabric should take on the basis of two lengths plus two radius of the inner circle, is calculated as follows: 1/6 waist circumference - 1 cm.
For long skirt-Sun need to calculate the flow fabric, based on a certain length.Useful for this paper pattern layouts, reduced 10-fold.Draw such semicircular models on paper, and then attach them to the same plotted on a paper strip conventional "tissue" with a reduced 10 times the width.The length of the strip, which will shape the two halves of the pattern (between them leave a small space for the belt, if fitted model), multiplied by 10, and you have the desired length of the cut tissue.
before cutting the fabric wash, dry and iron along the common thread that the material given the necessary shrinkage.
If the width of the fabric allows you to carve out once all skirt entirely (with a small length of the product), then fold the fabric in half along the first common thread inside out, and then another half of weft threads.From the top corner, wherein no tissue section (one folds) Draw arc with radius R1, equal to (1/6 - 1) cm. From the same point swipe second arc having a radius R2, R1 + CI equal.Give allowances at the bottom of the article 1 cm on upper edge - 1,5 cm.
At great length articles spread out in one layer of the fabric face down and straighten it.From the upper-left corner set aside a distance of 1 cm + CI + R1.From the resulting point will draw two semicircles with radii R1 and R2.The second half of the skirt draw the same manner, but start from the bottom right corner.
between the two parts "sun" draw, if necessary, the belt on the bias, ie,45-degree angle to the equity line.Pattern Belt - is an elongated rectangle the width equal to twice the width of the belt as a finished product, plus allowances of 1.5 cm and a length equal to the circumference of waist + 1-2 cm (to freedom of encirclement) + allowance of 1.5 cm.
carve out two main parts skirt and hang them for a few hours in the upper sections, can be wet, and then iron it in the direction of an equity line.It is necessary for the further equalization of the bottom line.
Stitch, if any, side seams skirts, leaving the left seam space for zippers, shorter than 2 cm. Razutyuzhte allowances and neaten "zigzag" or overlock.
Stitch hidden "zipper."Pre-seal the allowances under the zipper thin fleece, and then iron them on the wrong side.
belt and seal the interlining.Fold it in half wrong side inside and priutyuzhte.Now fold the belt inside out and Sew short cuts, remove them and priutyuzhte.Stitch Belt folded skirt and to treat cuts.Allowances then iron stairs.
Deal bottoms product "zigzag", and then - seam vpodgibku open cut.Delicate fabrics can be hemmed by hand.

Tip 2: How to sew a skirt sun

skirt- the sun for many years does not come out of a woman's wardrobe.On the basis of her patterns are sewn the most exquisite outfits - such as flamenco dress and some other folk dances.Style depends on what part of the pattern, which is a circle used.
Short Skirt-sun
you need
  • Lightweight fabric - cotton, silk or fine wool.With a width of 140-150 cm need 1 length + 20 cm (the processing and belt)
  • elastic band width of 2-3 cm
  • threads in the fabric color №40 or 50
  • threads of a different color for brooms
  • Paper FormatA-2
  • Pencil
  • piece of string or twine severe
  • compass
  • tailor chalk or soap
  • long line
  • long strong thread
Remove measurements.You need to know the circumference of the hips, waist and length of the product.
Pattern is a broad ring.Calculate the radius of the outer and inner circles.This is done using the formula R = L / 2 * 3.14 where R = radius, l - circumference.Calculate so radius of the inner circle.The radius of the outer circle will be R + skirt length.
Take a sheet of paper.Take a coarse thread and cut off a piece slightly larger outer radius.Tie the string to a pencil and attach the other end around the middle of the long side of the sheet.Draw a semicircle.The smaller the radius of the same center can be drawn using an ordinary caliper.Cut out the pattern.You have got semicircle.Draw a rectangle the length waistline ± 5 cm and 6 cm wide.
Pattern is a semicircle
Fold the fabric in half by equity and spread it on the floor or on a large table.Apply a semi-circle so that the cuts were in the fold of fabric.Draw a pattern by making a seam allowance of 1 cm. To carve out a zone.Belt cut out by an oblique angle of 45 degrees.Cut out the parts.You have turned a circle and a rectangle.
Fold the belt in half lengthwise, Sew short seams.Allowances then iron inside.Align the top of the skirt with a cut belt so that the seam skirt was inside the belt.Baste the belt, leaving an opening for the gum.
Stitch details.Insert the eraser.Blind stitch hem, and then baste otverstie.Podognite skirt hiding shvom.Otgladte skirt .
If hip ratio greater than the width of fabric, you will need two lengths.

If you want sschit very long yubku- say, for the national costume - then you may need even four lengths and grind and process have four stitches.

To calculate the inner radius is used waist circumference no gain at the seams.

pattern paper is best to take millimeter.

Before you cut out the fabric made from natural materials, it is necessary to extend in warm water and ironed.With artificial tissue is not required to do.
Helpful Hint
Patterns can be spread in a different way - a cut of the semicircle to the paper folded in half slices of tissue.Then it is necessary in the first stage and process Sew side seams.This cut is used for more severe tissue where it is necessary to do the clasp.
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