you need
  • Knitting, circular knitting needles, set of five-spoke
to line raglan may be any pattern (gum, openwork, harness, etc..P.).By the end of the line Raglan (when it is fit for the calculation), that is, until the desired width of the back in front and sleeves, knit all the details at the same time, the better raglan knit circular needles.
Calculating the number of loops for all sizes: the total number of loops Divide into 3 parts (back, front, two branches), then part of the sleeves for 2 remaining from the division hinges add to the loops forehand loopsraglan line to take on the hinge arms.
Calculation and breakdown of the loops on the individual parts of the throat begins immediately.Adding loops d
o with raglan each side of the line.Trunk in raglan 4. total number is added 8 loops (2 next to each line of raglan).
Consider the example of calculation of the required number of loops.For example, 1 cm 2, 5 loops.Measure the circumference of the neck, for example 16 cm. Multiply 16 2 5 hinge 40 hinge receive.
Now consider: 40: 3 (13 loops back to 13 loops for two sleeves 14 loops on the front).Of the 13 loops for two sleeves subtract 4 loops for raglan line and divide the remainder (9 loops) into 2 parts.Odd loop add to the forehand loops.
Dial spokes in the following sequence: 7 face to the right of the forehand, 1 front to line dresses, 4 facial for the right sleeve, 1 front for the line raglan, 14 facial for the back, 1 front for the lineraglan, 4 face to the left sleeve, 1 front loop for a line dresses, 7 face to the left side of the forehand
Knit as follows:

1st row and all face 7 face for the right sideforehand, nakida, 1 Wrong for line raglan nakida, 4 facial for the right sleeve, nakida, 1 Wrong for line raglan nakida, 13 face to back, nakida, 1 Wrong for line raglan nakida, 4 face to the left sleeve, nakida1 Wrong line for raglan nakida, 1 facial for shelves, 1 air loop.Starting from the 2nd series of loops for the part before, back and sleeves for 2 more.
purl rows: nakida provyazyvaem seamy underside or crossed loop arms in front and back iznanochnymi.Vyazhite circle until there is a loop back to the desired width of the front and sleeves.Then loop for sleeves to assemble a supporting pin or needle, and the front and back knit without additions, until you have the desired length.
Next loop sleeveless dress on needles (in a circle), continue to knit up the necessary Dina provyazyvaya for bevel sleeve in every sixth row 2 along the front.Dovyazhite to the desired length.Then complete your neck.