to one hand to tie bundle right at the end, wrap thread around the index finger on the two-three turns so that its tip is not sticking, roll the resulting coils and hold thembetween the thumb and forefinger.Twist them into a single ring finger movements such as if you twist a pencil or salt to food, and take in a knot, gently pulling the thread .
If the tip was stuck, try to modify the technique: in free flight tie a simple knot, a small tail pinch fingers of his left hand and right hand roll assembly to the very end of the string - the node will rise exactly in the place,where you want.
Quite simply knot Loose "drive" on the needle "to aim" for i
ts location.Fill thread the needle, then tie knot two tip thread where you feel comfortable, but do not tighten, the same needle, insert the knot and tighten it directly on the needle.Now, with your left hand, hold the thread , while the right side is discharged into a needle with a bundle on her.All node "ran", you just have to choose a place for him - at the end of the thread.
If the "rolled-up" unit will not give in, do the "airĀ» bundle .Fold in half thread, thread a needle, make the first stitch after which thread the thread into a loop.Fast, simple and unobtrusive bundle ready.
To tie a knot at all, to start sewing, push the tip of the fingers of his left hand thread to the fabric and make it through on-site three or four tight stitch.This will strengthen it and will become a bundle.However, this method is only suitable for heavy fabrics.