Pick yarn for weaving.The number indicated in the chart for each Baubles.For the bias binding you need segments of equal length (about 1 m) for direct weaving one thread should be about twice as long as others.
Divide the whole strand of yarn into three sections and weave of them pigtail length of about 5 cm. Then divide the weight into 2 parts and from each weave of pigtail length of 2 cm. Pin workpiece to a fixed base with a pin.
At the initial stage of training is better prepared to weave Baubles of schemes.They marked each node.Arrow Left Down designated n
ode plaiting thread is right to put on the left, drag the right end of the thread in a loop.Then return the right thread into place and fasten another of the same bundle.Right Arrow Down designated node that is created in the same way but with the left thread.If the arrow in the diagram curved angle and directed to the left, you will need to first make a knot on the second scheme described above.Then tie the threads of the first scheme described above.If the curved arrow pointing to the right, you need to change the alternation of the two knots.
main ways of weaving floss - direct and oblique.Direct weave created by a single thread - at the left.It has to be the longest.In accordance with scheme it braided each thread turns, then the same type in the second row, moving from right to left, the third row - from left to right, etc.
When creating oblique bracelet braided make the first number as in the previous scheme.Just try each successive bundle placed below the previous one.When dopletete until the end of the first row, "leading" thread, leave in place, take the extreme left and weave the second row from left to right, repeating the pattern of the first row.It is also possible to weave Baubles, weaving yarns in pairs, ie,tie the knot with the first thread to the left, next take the third line on the left.
When the length of the bracelet is sufficient, make a second part of the fastener.Divide the total weight of the thread into 2 parts, each of 2 cm weave braids, then connect to one pigtail all threads.Insert the end of the bracelet into the gap between the two braids on the opposite side Fennec .After this, tie a knot at the end.So you can adjust the width Baubles without untying it.