you need
  • - art albums;
  • - history books;
  • - book on the history of art;
  • - camera;
  • - crayons, paint, markers;
  • - tissue;
  • - fittings;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - Overlock.
find an idea that will inspire you to create a collection.It should be a topic that unites all the outfits in one.It is thanks to the idea of ​​the collection is different from a simple set of well-tailored items.You can use for inspiration or historical clothing folk costumes.Very large collection of success can be created based on various trends in art.Come up with a name for the collection.
made the first outline silhouette forms.Identify colors.Again, compare the preliminary sketches of
the original idea, to select the best.Leading designers are recognized, in order to create a collection 10-12 outfits have to handle up to five hundred sketches.
defining the color and shape, do not forget about the generally accepted rules of building the collection.All design schools agree with the necessity of the unity of nuance, of similarity and kontrasta.Kontrast - a sharp contrast.It can be expressed in color, shape, texture material in the volume.For example, the hard, angular top and soft rounded niz.Podobie - the repetition of the same element in different variations.Nuance - the element that creates a picturesque, interesting connections between the various elements of attire.
Based on the general idea of ​​the collection, identify colors.Avoid both monochrome and multicolor unnecessary.An illiterate color balance strikes the eye and lowers your rankings designer.Many designers have known only due to the ability to work outside the box with color.The base color should take a little more than half of the color gamut of your collection.For additional color given to about a third.The remaining interest is designed for accent colors.
selected on the basis of sketches and color models are models.In this step, a decision is made about the finish.A sketch may serve as the basis for multiple layouts.Then choose the best of them.It is this version will go into collection .
Go to the store and enjoy a selection of fabrics and accessories.Be sure to proceed from the idea of ​​the collection, not from you like a tissue.It happens that the store is difficult to make a choice between several tissues close to the color or pattern.You should buy all your favorite fabric with small scraps of 10-15 cm. They will be useful to you in order to make "vykraski."This term refers to the process of selection of artists paints.To do this, all the paint is applied to a white background.After drying, the paint determined the most appropriate to the artist.You have chosen to stick scraps of cardboard to determine the tissue perfectly fit together and suit you for further work.Selected fabrics, pick them accessories.
It's time to sew.If you have an eye on friends with standard shapes, ready to work for you models to determine in advance who will demonstrate what model.And sew the finished product for this particular person.Pay attention to the care of execution of joints, precision cutting, processing sections.It is no secret that the little things can completely spoil the impression of the whole collection.
Pick up accessories, which will be shown your work.Most designers have made their own accessories, so that they fully comply with the spirit of the collection.
Create a portfolio.The best solution would be an agreement with a professional photographer and photo shoot in a good studio.But if you do not have the financial ability, we can restrict normal home photography.Try to ensure that your collection for a suitable background.For example, the model is based on Russian folk costumes, will look great among the birch trees or in an interior village house.
Try to create a mood in your portfolio that meets the stated theme.
can put their photos on websites devoted to modeling clothes , to pitch in the famous companies engaged in the production of clothing .School of Design also get round.Do not be shy, in the worst case you just do not answer.So please be patience and courage and fight.