you need
  • - tissue;
  • - centimeter;
  • - sewing pins;
  • - strings in tune.
arms to the side.Measure the distance from the center received the chest to the arm.Sleeves can do as they wish long or short.Add as measured by 5-6 cm at the seams.Note also that when you lower arm sleeve rise.Tunica is good for obese women that her free silhouette, which hides all visible figure flaws.
Pick the right fabric.To try to trim tunics juicy, saturated colors.Do not use a cloth with geometric patterns and large flowers visually it will allow you the amount.
Cut a piece of fabric.The quantity of tissue to be twice the distance from the chest to the sleeve.Fold the fabric
in half lengthwise and place it folded up.You need to cut a hole for the head, so convenient for you to take the shirt and pomerte width of the gate.According to the model, cut the required hole in the middle of the fold line.The edges of the tape or treat, placing the fabric on the centimeter, treat them overlock.
made the first fitting.Decide on the length tunics.Obese women preferred not to wear short tunics.The length should cover the hips, visually reduce its volume.Add to this the length of a few centimeters on the binder and cut the tissue along the bottom edge.
Remove girth measurements sleeves and putting her thighs.Fold the fabric twice in the middle of the forehand.Put down from the top of the fold side edges of a length which is putting his hands, add 5-6 cm on the hem.Bottom line on the middle of the set aside a length which is equal to half putting thighs also add 5-6 cm on the hem.
Select the desired silhouette of tunic.For obese women fit loose-fitting tunic.Draw a line on the tissue that connects the lower edge of the sleeve with the edge of the hem.Secure the sides of the fabric, and then baste sewing pins.Try tunic .If you are satisfied, turn away from the seam of 1-2 cm and cut the unnecessary fabric.Sew on a typewriter line silhouette.Treat the edges of the sleeves and hem ovelokom.Your tunic is ready.