you need
  • for knitting vests need:
  • -sherst;
  • -spitsy number specified in the description, and appropriate to coat;
  • -description and scheme of work;
  • -model.
First you need to determine the size.Then calculate the number of loops that you want.For example, there are schemes where stated just three different sizes, and for each of them describes the number of loops.And there are schemes where only one size, but it does not fit exactly this child.Experienced knitters in the eyes determine how many loops you need to dial.For inexperienced work it is usually the size of a 10 loops.Accordingly, if you want to increase the size of one, it is necessary to add about 10 stitches.If less, then reduce to 10.
How to link children
With the size defined
, the model chosen, the materials bought, start knitting.To start typing on the spokes of the loop, according to the diagram and size +2 edge.Next knit according to the scheme.Usually vests provyazyvaetsya elastic single or double.Then everything under the scheme.
How to link children
Typically, knitting is simple: you can herringbone pattern, you can smooth cloth.If you want to make a vest with a pattern, then you need to look at the scheme as it vyvyazyvayut.Knit vest of two parts - front and back.When the work comes to the area of ​​armholes, you should start to remove the loop.Again acting on circuit.In some cases removed 2 loops, then the armhole will be softer.Sometimes clean larger number of loops.In this case, the armhole is deeper.
When knit, close work.Now we have to collect the vest.Big tailor needle sew both parts.Next article sprinkled with water, smooth and dry.Everything is ready vest.
How to link children