you need
  • -pryazha cotton 100 g .;
  • -2 skeins of polypropylene;
  • -kryuchok 2 mm;
  • -2 sole of the insole;
  • -kley shoe
Knit Boots by connecting two lines.Before you start work, two lines (about 30 cm long) with a small wound into a ball and set it aside.Remove any pattern to the sole of your shoe.Then type air chain length equal to the length of the pattern.Knit half soles columns without nakida.The other half do as follows.Pull the thread through the associated loop, connect it to the general web by a connecting column.
Keep up knitting.To attach the thread on the inner side of the sole and knit circular rows of columns with nakida.In the 1st row knit a colum
n with nakida in each loop.Without the addition and subtraction.The second series is characterized in that on each side edge of the sock must subtract one or two loops again.To do this, knit 2 together with nakida column.So you build a boot sock.The third series of forms not only a sock and foot boot.
Add thread of deferred coil.Attach it a little to the right of the central loop of the sock 7 and knit these loops counted seven rows in the direction back and forth.So you build the front part of the boot.Once finished knit, tear off the thread.
Go back to the main thread.Knit 4 circular columns with a number nakida around the tops of the boots.Then knit subtracting 3-4 loop uniformly in each row in the following series 7-8.To do this subtraction is necessary as long as the entrance to the ankle will not be the size of the ankle.Now knit 2 rows without any additions and subtraction.
Then knit as follows: 2 is added evenly loops in each row.This can be achieved, vyvyazyvaya 2 column in one loop.So you need to knit until the circumference of the boot does not become equal to the circumference of the lower leg - about 22 series.
Go to manufacturing lapel.For this series of circular knit 6 single elastic band and finish knitting next to bars without nakida.Tie decorative ornaments if you like.This can be a string, additional loops, etc.Now assemble the entire product.Glue the sole.