you need
  • main fabric sewing (4.5-6 m), lace or embroidery, satin wide ribbon, thread sewing
determine for itselfthe appointment of the canopy.If it is assumed that it will perform only an aesthetic function (and beds really look very nice) then it will fit almost any light fabric, and even transparent (tulle, organza, lightweight silk, taffeta).But if the canopy was originally necessary not only for decoration but also for shading from the bright light or sunlight, in this case, it is desirable to select the opaque fabric (silk more dense and
even ordinary cotton).
In order to have a beautiful canopy folds necessary to take a sufficient amount of material.Besides it is necessary to consider the length.Height ready for mounting the canopy is 75-100 cm. Given these data, the optimal length of the canopy is 150-200 cm. In this case, the length is up to about the middle of the leg (or drawers) beds.You may want to increase the length.
canopy width of approximately 4 meters, to get a beautiful drape.Also, an additional supply of tissues will allow free canopy cover of a sleeping child from the light.Considering that usually the width of the fabric is 145 cm, then you must take the canopy 3 lengths of fabric, which will have to sew cloth.Some fabrics are measured in running meters, so you can immediately purchase the 150-200 cm necessary fabric width (4-4.5 m).
Choosing finish for a canopy.It can be lace, embroidery, or simply ruffles.For a young child is preferable to use a sewing on cotton basis.The sides of the canopy cloth may optionally be slightly rounded.
to sew on a canopy bed put in front of one side of the web is applied lace and sew seam "zigzag" passing one vertical sides, a bottom and a second side.If necessary, lace or embroidery can first tack, and then sew on a typewriter.
folded the upper edge of the canopy at 1.2-1.5 cm and sew a straight stitch so that the middle was a small gap, as it will be inserted through the metal bars that hold the canopy.
Decorate the canopy can be large, fringed with lace or embroidery bow.Also, you can make a bow of satin ribbons, harmonizing in color.The resulting canopy strung on metal rods, which are then inserted into the hollow, attached to the back of the crib, the rod.Decorate with a bow and hang if necessary toys.A cozy house ready for the baby.