you need
  • - yarn made of natural wool;
  • - Synthetic yarn ("toe additive");
  • - two straight needles №4;
  • - hook.
Pick sledok thick knitting wool yarn;for the sole recommended additional thread of 100% polypropylene (special "toe supplement").Spokes take the average thickness (№4).
Feature purl loops of facial, learn to do nakida.Front: the thread of the work;needle enters the upper wall of the loop from left to right;new stretches of thread bow.Wrong: the thread before work;needle is introduced into the loop of the motion;after the capture of the thread loop is pulled from the inside of the web.Nakida: string of att
acks the needle, in the next row provyazyvaetsya wrong.
begins work on simple knit Operations with the formation of the toe.Tie a strip of four rows of elastic gum 1x1: alternate between the right and wrong with the "face" of the web;Work from the inside knit according to the pattern.The finished elastic clasp bottom of the lower leg, eliminating the rear.It - top Sledkov.So, for the size 23 feet is enough to dial 20 loops gum.
Divide the canvas into two parts, the middle note.Now knitting will expand, while in the center of the toe of the track will run two loops and facial nakida (they be designated as a hole).
first row of detail - just purl loops.So should bind all subsequent odd rows toe.Carefully work on the second row: a bead (neprovyazannoy removed), 7 face;nakida, front and back nakida.This is followed by a pair of facial loops and nakida;The front and back nakida.A number of completed 7 facial, 1 boundary (edge) loops.
continue to expand the fabric of the toe, adding in each even number of facial hinge.Thus, in the fourth row, a bead 8 and facial;nakida, 2 facial and nakida;2 facial, nakida, 2 face;finally - thrown over the loop and bead.
Make an edge in the sixth row and knit the 9 face.After them - nakida, 3 facial and nakida;2 facial, nakida and 3 facial.Finally, nakida, 9 facial loops and edges.
in the eighth row after the initial edge should face a dozen.Then: nakida, 4 facial and nakida;2 facial, facial nakida and 4 loops.Take the last nakida, 10 front and edge - forming Cape Sledkov completed.
Run the following series of facial loops.Now we need to build in the middle of a strip of cloth parts face a smooth surface - it will be part of the bottom Sledkov.Apply to the main working thread "sock additive" and take the right hand hook.
Tie 16 facial and the next couple of loops knit together the front and turn the work.Remove the right needle thread a shackle, which was formed under the joint provyazyvaniya two central facial hinge parts.Working thread should be positioned in front of knitting.Next: 3 purl, and the next couple of loops again - together wrong.
Turn the fabric there;remove the first loop (train - knitting).Next - 3 facial, and the fourth and fifth provyazyvayutsya loop along the front.
Continue to knit Sledkov on samples steps №№10-11, as long as you do not get ready for the sock Sledkov.The spokes remained a small number of facial loops - in front of the sole.Your task - to tie the back of the Sledkov.With hook you connect the bottom and sides of the product.
knit series of open loops on needle, then purl row, enter the shank of the hook into the adjacent side braid and drag the working thread.Transfer the loop on the working needle and knit it together with the first loop bottoms wrong.
knitting Turn there and work on the model of step №13, but now knit together the front two loops.Keep working on the backdrop articles, performing loops according to the pattern.
When knitted detail rises before gum (see step №3), complete canvas the same rows of elastic fabric and close the loop.Threads of cut and fill to the wrong side of the work.You remain bound by the second Sledkov modeled first.