you need
  • -30 cm and a width of fabric 140 cm;
  • - construction paper;
  • - line;
  • - pencil;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - needles;
  • - thread;
  • - tape measure;
  • - iron.
for both forage caps should be removed 2 measurements: head circumference and height headdress.The girth of the head, divide by 2. For the "Spanish flu" Draw a rectangle whose length is equal to putting the head, and the width - height caps.Add more of 0.2-0.3 cm on each side to field cap worn loosely.
for military caps swipe pattern on graph horizontal line
and set on putting her head.Down 5-7 cm aside on the field and up - 2 x 5-7 cm and 9-10 cm 1 times. Swipe through the point of the line parallel to the bottom.On them you will turn the field and to lay the fold.On the bottom line aside fields on both sides equal segments of 2-3 cm. On each line folds turn down to 1 cm inside the caps.Connect the ends of all lines of a smooth curve to forage cap slightly narrowed upward.Combine each side a couple of millimeters (not including allowances).Cut out the pattern.
Cut out the pattern.Carve out for each caps 4 equal parts.Better curve circle 4 times to make the same allowance on all sides.Lines have to get on the wrong side.
Apply template to the part "Spanish flu" and then iron the allowances on the wrong side.Do the same on all other details.The classic "Spanish flu" sewn on the front.
Add together the wrong side of two rectangles, one of which is for the top, and the other - for the lining.Align the bottom seam, baste it and Stitch along the edge.Do the same with another couple.
Connect halves, combining the remaining sections.Likewise baste details on three sides and sostrochite very close to the edge.If you make a lining and top fabric in different colors, along the top and side seams get slips.Decorate the "Spanish flu" can be a brush or a logo.Brush color Canticle sewn into the upper front corner, emblem - in the middle of the front seam.
details on military caps seam "forward needle" field and mark the fold.Fold each piece "accordion" on the lines of folds.Fold the lower sections on the wrong side, too, and then iron.Similarly as in the manufacture of "Spanish flu" sostrochite pairwise details of internal and external sides.Strauch is very close to the edge, at a distance of about 0.2 cm.
Remove and then iron the field.Assemble the cap by aligning and stitch the remaining sections.If required by the form, attach the emblem.Attach field and folds several invisible stitches.