Clean jacket from contamination.Use the restoring color.If an item can not be cleaning your home, give it to the laundry.The treated material from the machine or remove the formation of pellets by hand.
Change the jacket lining well.To do this, gently arguing inside the fabric, make a pattern on the new lining fabric.If you do not have the necessary skills, please contact the company or familiar dressmaker.
Change length jacket and .Old long jacket can be shortened or even to the hips to the waist.See how the edge of the processed product, and repeat the procedure on the new line of cut.
Nasheyte belt loops on the waist line.Sew the belt material suitable texture.You can choose a contrasting shade cloth, or vice versa
, complementary color jacket well.The method of fastening the belt, select on the basis of cut jacket and you can use a beautiful buckle or just tie it to the site.
Shorten sleeves.You can do three-quarters of the length or cut them up to the elbow.Carefully treat cuts.
Sew decorative patches of thin skin in the form of an oval on his elbows.They are appropriate to dress in casual style for everyday wear.
bright Sew decorative buttons.Also, you can replace the old worn buckles and accessories.
Decorate old jacket inserts.You can make them out of guipure, knitted fabrics, fine leather and suede or link details of the spokes interesting viscous.Arrange them on the lapels of pockets and sleeves, lapel.
Pin to the lapel brooch in the form of an interesting flower.Use ready-made or create a unique accessory bud by hand.You can make it out of the fabric, matted wool, make films.
Use decorative braid or soutache for processing circuit lapels and sleeves.Sew small stitches manually.