you need
  • lace, scissors, thread, needles.
Before sew lace , wash it, because in most cases it shrinks.This can lead to contraction of the tissue.Lay lace on a soft surface and iron seamy side up - this will save the relief lace pattern.
If you just need to sew lace no assemblies for this place on the edge of the fabric overlap the edge of the lace, and then baste, then sew a seam on a typewriter "zigzag".Allowed to sew and stitch the usual simple.Threads Pick up the color of the laces.It is possible to sew it in the same manner except that the top will be tucked fabri
c edge.In this case, the thread color should match the cloth.
If you intend prisborivanie lace, then this first sew it to the edge of the wide stitch on the machine prisoberite on a string, and then baste the edge of the product.Then sew zigzag stitch.
can sew lace bantovymi or conventional folds.For this is good lace with a repeating pattern.Zaschipyvaem folds at regular intervals (conventional or counter) and immediately tack lace to the edge of the product.In this case, permissible to sew lace both the edge and in the middle, which is quite often used for finishing.
lace sewn not only along the edge of things, but in the middle, such as yoke or at regular intervals along their whole length.To do this, select the type of seam at its discretion - or a simple zigzag line.
To sew sewing (usually had treated only one side) for this main fabric is placed on top.In this case, you can use one of the decorative stitches, which are usually programmed in the car quite a lot.Threads in this case, you can choose to match or contrast, contrasting.
sometimes necessary to sew two pieces of lace fabric.If you sew a normal line, you get an ugly thick seam that "cuts" picture.To avoid this, the lace should be calculated with a margin that will use a different method of crosslinking.Sharp scissors, carefully cut along the contour drawing, put it on another part so that the pattern of one piece of lace fabric in harmony with others.Pin needles, and then baste the contour of the machine and sew the seam small "zigzag".