you need
  • - Knitting;
  • - hook thickness of thread;
  • - pattern of the product;
  • - needle and sewing thread matching knitting.
about how you fasten the belt, think before knitting.It depends on the type of the tape lace and of all the product is made in the technique or not.Link to sample 1 strip and see if there her pico, arcs and other elements through which you can discreetly carry out a hook or a needle.
Knit tape begins with a full round motive.Will this motif located at the top or bottom of the product - it depends on your intention.If you do it at the bottom, several related in one direction and bonded together to form a beautiful rim tapes.
Deciding to attach the tape to the knitting proce
ss, the following elements ribbon lace knit under the scheme, one way provyazyvaya completely, and the other - not dovyazyvaya 1 row.The number of rows in this section have to be odd.Do not forget to periodically apply the tape to the pattern.Strips can be positioned as you like - along, across or diagonally.Details are narrowed in the right places with the aid of short series.Tie the 2 ribbons without the last number.
Put together 2 tape.This fully knit one edge should be aligned with the edge of a second, where you do not dovyazyvali 1 row.Attach the thread where you started knitting and knit the unfinished series of strips, attaching at regular intervals finished edge of the second strip.Doing this the most convenient in most convex part and one other part.Dovyazav number to the right place, slide the hook into the other pico or arc tape, pull the loop and knit it with a hook located on a simple column.
If you attach lace to detail made another pattern.mark this item.Tie knots of a different color, where the edge is in contact with the convex part of the lace.Wherein a dense knit item, rather than the tape.Lane connect the same way as in the first case.
much in common with the technique of knitting belt has Knits from the tape.In this case it is particularly important to accurately pattern.Tie a piece of tape and place it in the pattern.As a rule, the knitted lace has "ears" - an arc of stitches on each side.Stacked ribbons and making a bend, a knit chain of air loops and drag it into an existing arc.In the same way connect in knitting and other "ears".Thus it is possible to link the product to be very similar to the tatting.