Tip 1: How to sew a sweater bat

single cut blouse "flying mouse ยป practically goes out of fashion.It looks stylish with pants and skirt can be worn with a strict suit.Equally versatile article of clothing can make even without a pattern.A similar clothes were still in medieval Japan, and sewed it from a piece of cloth.But if you first took up sewing or so are going to sew the silk, it is better to build a pattern.
you need
  • - tissue;
  • - graph paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - line;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - needle;
  • - thread.
Remove measurements.You need to know putting the chest, sleeve length from the base of the neck to the lower edge, putting the neck, length, length of the yoke and putting the part of the wrist or hand, which will end with the sleeve.Putting the neck section is on 2.
Place a sheet of graph paper vertically.Place at the intersection of the left edge of the white and a thick line point A. Set aside 1/2 of it right putting neck.Put the point B. From it postpone the right sleeve length and mark the p
oint of the letter B. From the point in putting aside the wrist down.It will be a point of G.
from point A down aside long coquette.Put the point D. Measure From her putting the right breast.You get the point E. Connect points E and F by a straight line.Find the middle of it and put the point O. From her aside up perpendicular postpone it 15-17 cm and mark it as O1.Through the point E, O1 and D arc, the convex part of which is directed to the left.
neckline at the back will be slightly less than on the shelf.Therefore, the pattern to make a drawing of the back, and when cutting expand the slot on the shelf by 2 cm. But aside from the point down to 4 cm. The resulting points are connected to a point B arc.Cut out the pattern ..
belt to carve out a rectangle whose length is equal to the total circumference of the waist, plus 2-3 cm on the free encirclement, plus seam allowance.Calculate the width by subtracting the total length of the length of the yoke blouse.Multiply the result by 2 and add allowances.
Fold the cloth 4 times.Line the middle shelf (or back, as you like best) should coincide with the fold of equity.Depending on the pattern or align the shoulder line folded along the transverse filament or kroite shoulder angle.Circle pattern, leaving a small seam allowance.
Cut parts.They should be 2. Determine what will be a shelf, and what - back.On the shelf increase by 2 cm neckline.You can make the center section of the backrest, the better to handle inlay neck.
Fold the belt in half along the length of the face outwards.Then iron the fold.Try belt.If necessary, mark the locations for the side recesses.This is usually required if the coquette short.Scribbling recess.
Deal neck piping.If you are doing an incision in the back, scribbling it.Fold the parts, aligning the side sections.Baste with back and shelf sostrochite.
Stitch yoke on the bottom large stitches or sew by hand seam "forward needle".In the second case it is necessary to do more small stitches.Coquette is gathered.Baste her belt, evenly distributing the folds.Stitch Belt.
Deal bottom sleeves.If they are long enough, they simply hem, turned in 2 times on the wrong side.It happens that the cloth is narrow, and I want to make a longer sleeve.Carve out and sew cuff desired length.

Tip 2: How to sew a jacket

Sew jacket itself is not very difficult, but for this you need time and patience.But then you will be able to boast of thing that no one else there.
How to sew a jacket
First you need to make a pattern.Normally, take your favorite model from a magazine or the Internet.If your wardrobe is something like that is good for you sitting, it is possible to build on this thing.If you have a pattern from a magazine, then drag it on tracing paper.Where the model is outside the sheet size podkoly stick tape or even paper.
Carefully cut out the resulting pattern on the right path.If you have taken as a basis for any thing out of his wardrobe, then spread out and flatten it on tracing paper, trace the contour.The resulting pattern cut.
Now you need to cut out jacket .Lay the cloth on a large table or on the floor.When the cutting symmetrical parts Fold the fabric in half face inward.Lay out the pattern for all the details.Between them, the distance should be in the seam allowances, often it is about 0.5-1 cm. At the cutting should consider drawing material.
If you have a piece of chalk in a contrasting color, it is possible for them to cut around the pattern.See that they were everywhere.Just cause may be the contours of using pins to sew or laying snares.For snares you need a thread of contrasting color.Large stitches to sew the edges of the pattern.The thread should lie with the dense, every stitch has to be a small loop.
After the circuit pattern is applied to the fabric it should be cut.Leave at the same seam allowance on all sides.Recesses cut is not necessary, but they must also be applied to the material.If you have laid snares, after cutting out the parts, dilute it half as much as allow loose stitches, and cut them in the middle of the front side of the fabric.As a result, you will have the outline done is cut loops.
need to sweep the cut parts.Put them inside out and shear pin or baste sewing large stitches along the lines of the pattern that you have caused.
to measure what you have got.If something somewhere does not fit, then thrust this place and baste with the adjustments already.
Once you're happy with the product landing on the figure, it can be sostrachivat on the sewing machine.Sostrachivayte all on the same path in which the thing is already sour.
neck options may be different.In recent years become a popular large cutout when the motion slides blouse and bared shoulder.In this case, you just need to cut cut-to size.But beware, it should not be too large.
Helpful Hint
patterns can be constructed a little differently.And aside from the point of putting the right half of the neck, plus the length of the sleeves, plus 4-5 cm. To this point, swipe down perpendicular to 5 cm. Put point B and connect it to the base of the neck point.

It looks good on a blouse collar clamp.The notch in this case is also sufficiently large.Carve out a rectangle the width of 14-20 cm from the same cloth.Its length is the length of the cut, but maybe a little more.Fold the collar in half lengthwise.Then iron the fold on the front side.Turn it inside out.Align the short cuts and Stitch seam.Align one of the longest dimension to the neckline, right sides folded parts, baste and Stitch.The second section, which is now found himself on the wrong side, bend double-stitched and also trying to get into an existing seam.

original "bat" can be made out of several identical bandanna.You will need 4 small shawl on the yoke 1 and the same - on the belt and collar.Shawls fold in pairs facing each other, trace the pattern and cut out the part.Scarf designed belt, fold in half and cut.Sew strips.Fold the rectangle in half.Then sew a jacket just as described.
  • sweater bat with his hands