you need
  • - 200 g of yarn made from 100% cotton;
  • - hook № 1,75.
Decide what time of year you want to link dress , since this will depend on the choice of yarn and pattern.So, to take the warm season, cotton thread, for example, "Snowflake", "Iris", etc.In cold weather will warm your daughter dress merino wool and other soft, barbed yarn.Try to avoid synthetic fabrics, as in the summer it is hot and winter - cold.
choosing a model, consider the child's age.For little girls dress better connected whole cut, no welds, rub the delicate skin of the child.Such a mod
el is fit in a circle, starting from the cap.Dial crochet 150 stitches and combine them in a circle.
first row of dresses and all subsequent rows start with 3 air loops (ce), then knit into the second loop of the chain column with nakida (v. S / n), followed by anotherOne, make VP 2, * 3 tbsp.s / n, 2 ce *.Repeat pattern between asterisks to the end of the series.End this row and all subsequent connection column.
2nd row: After lifting loops - 2 tbsp.s / n, 2 tbsp.s / n in the arch of 2 ce making between 1 VP * In each column a number previously associated knit 3st.s / n, then 2 tbsp.s / n 2 CPprevious row, knit between one air loop. * Repeat rapport by an asterisk to an asterisk.
3rd row: * 3 tbsp.s / n, 4 tbsp.s / n from one air loop between them. *Repeat pattern between asterisks to the end of the series.
4th row: * 3 tbsp.s / n, 4 tbsp.s / n in one air loop between - 2 ce * Repeat * pattern * to the end of the series.
following two rows knit the same pattern as the 4th only, add 2 tbsp.s / n to the fact that provyazyvayutsya the arch of 2 CPIn the arch you should have six columns, divided into two equal groups of air loops.
From the 7th to the 17th row: 3 ce, * 4 tbsp.s / n, in the columns of the previous row, 1 VP, 6 tablespoons.s / n in the two air loops previous series, among them - 2 ce * repeat * pattern * to the end of the series.
Then divide the work into three equal parts: the back, front, and one part - 2 sleeves.Combine loops back and forehand and knit in a circle according to the picture, making the necessary additions (on 1st. S / n between air loops, excluding the group of columns, arches knit in) every 7 rows to the desired length.The thread is cut off.The edges of the dress tie yarn of a different color, and the line to pass a neck strap.
you can do to come up with a style dresses and choose any desired pattern for knitting.In this case, the first measure of the Child (chest, waist, etc.).Draw a pattern.Tie the sample chosen pattern and calculate the required amount of yarn to work with.If the width of rapport does not fit, but you do not want to change the image - spread the "extra" loops evenly around the perimeter (when knitting in a circle), or divide them evenly between the beginning and end of the series.