First make measurements cots.Standard toddler bed is 120 cm long and 60 wide.First stitch in the side of the crib.They are rectangles that are tied to all four sides of the crib ribbons, their goal is to protect your baby from knocks on the wooden parts.Choose a fabric for the sides.It may be supplemented with synthetic fibers, as long as the material has been sufficiently dense.Also, buy 4 of lightning that you voshete in the side, and a thin foam on a solid substrate for filling board, so they will keep the shape.
Make pattern boards.Two small bead will have dimensions of 60 by 40 cm, two long borta120 40. Each bead represents a linen bag with a zipper sewn on the longer side, within which the foam is inserted into an appropriate size.Before Se
w the sides of each board, put half into the bent tape length of 60 cm and a width of 3 to 7 cm. Place the tape on the four edges of the board, at the long side add two tapes in the middle of the top and bottom.You can use ready-made ribbon or tape to make your own from a suitable color fabric, the main thing to choose cotton material as satin ribbons will always untied.When stitching on the sewing machine, make sure that the edge of the tape does not come under the needle.Remove the resulting board Stitch in his zipper and put the foam.One of the boards can be made rectangular and shaped, for example, consisting of a rectangle and a semi-circle on it, and decorate the edge of a border of linen tape.
Linens for the beds can also make your own.Laundry pick cotton or satin fabric with printed children's drawings.Sheets for the beds of these dimensions should be 100 cm by 150-160 cm. Add to the size of the sheets cloth hem, tuck the edges and lay lines on a typewriter.Bedding can make available on a blanket on the basis of its size.Side of the leaf, leave an opening for the blanket, process the edges.The size pillowcase is 40 to 60 cm, but keep in mind that children up to a year without sleep pillows, pillow cases so that sewing can be postponed for a year, and maybe more.
to buy a piece of cloth diaper flannel and soft cotton.Now children in the night diaper, so the diaper is not required in the amount as our mothers and grandmothers.Treat the edges of the diaper on the machine zigzag stitch.They can be used in bed as a support for the head, children sometimes vomit and diapers easier to change than all the clothes.