Tip 1: How to knit blouse for children Knitting

Children's jackets, connected spokes, beautiful and very comfortable.Usually, they are made freely and without shaped lines, so do not hold down movements and the child can replace a jacket in cooler weather.Front closure makes it easy to put on such a thing even a baby.
you need
  • - yarn;
  • - the spokes;
  • - buttons.
Decide what you want to knit a sweater.Should it be thick or thin, dressy or casual.Accordingly, pick up pattern for knitting.Build a pattern products.The easiest way to do this by removing the measure of children's sweaters already finished.
Select the required yarn textures and colors.For casual sweaters fit Melange Yarn dyeing or sectional with additions of colored specks.Fine monotonous string of good for products made with openwork pattern.
Dial 25-35 sts on needles and knit pattern.Calculate the number of loops 10 cm Crochet and calculate how many loops you need for your size.For example, if a 10 cm knitting represent 28 loops back to the product
width 25 cm 70 need loops.
Knit sweaters detail in the following order: back, right and left shelf sleeves.Start every detail with gum.With this product, it would be better to keep the form and do not stretch longer.Instead of gum can be used in garter knitting or "spider" - a pattern of right and wrong loops arranged in a checkerboard pattern.
Follow shelves garter straps or "cobweb".In one of the bars make a few buttonholes at regular intervals.Typically, the loop placed on the left shelf and the boys on the right side in girls.If you plan to sew the zipper, loops do not need to.
Collect product.Start with a shoulder seams.Sew sleeves.Follow the side seams.Tie the neck.You can now complete the external finish: sew on buttons, pockets and so forth. If desired, tie a sweater crochet edges.

Tip 2: How to tie blouse kid

In anticipation of the baby have time to prepare his future wardrobe.The most lovely little things are the ones that you are tied.You can choose the hair without synthetic and desired color.
How to tie blouse baby
you need
  • Coat 2 colors for 160g and 40g
  • Hooks №2 and 21/2
Figure mating - raised diamonds.Figure sided - face relief, Wrong - flat.

number of loops must be divisible by 6 + 5 and 2 extreme loop.
calculation loops: 30 loops = 10cm.13 rows = 10cm.
Hook №21 / 2 main color tie a chain of 168 stitches.Knit diamonds 16cm, 4 and 5 rows knit thread of a different color.
at 17 cm from the start of knitting divide into 3 parts: the middle part of the 84 loops - back;2 of the 42 loops shelves.

To make armholes not dovyazyvayte on each side of the web 2 to 3 times the number of loops 4.At 28cm from the start of registration for the lines not dovyazyvayte bevel shoulder on each side 3 times 6 1 times 5 sts 4 rows.To the back of the neck should remain 32 loops.
left shelf.

for rounding the armhole on dovyazyvayte from the back 2 x 4 rows of 3 loops.At 24cm from the start of operation for rounding not dovyazyvayte neck 4, 3, 3, and 5 times with 1 loop at 8 rows.Simultaneously with the last 4 rows of curvature of the neck is not dovyazyvayte for registration line bevel shoulder 6i 2 times 2 times for 5 loops.Right front knit like the left.
trims tie for number 1 Lozenges main color.Then two series of different color.Rhombuses color are arranged so that they coincide vertically.4 row knit thread primary color.

Crochet №2 1/2 thread primary colors tie a chain of 54 stitches.Knit 21cm diamonds.To add the expansion sleeve on each side of the loop 6 - 1 loop in each row 5.At 22cm from the beginning of the work is not dovyazyvayte 2 to 3 times;8 times 2;1 time on 4 sts on each side in 12 rows.The second sleeve knit as the first time.

Threads primary colors tie a chain of 69 stitches.Knit diamonds 7.5 cm.The first 5 rows knit as in knitting sweaters.The last three rows of the height of the collar knit crochet №2 to narrow canvas.The vertical sides of the collar tie finishing slats as well as the middle forehand sweaters.
yarn number is calculated based on the size of the finished product, the thickness of the yarn and needles.Typically, sweaters 6-month old baby enough 100g yarn year-old child - 200 g, etc.
Helpful Hint
Select to children's sweaters soft, pleasant to the touch yarn.Above all fit acrylic, cotton or half-woolen yarn.Wool in pure form can cause skin irritation.
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