you need
  • - skein of spandex;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - reinforced filament;
  • - needle;
  • - otrez underlying tissue and the flap for the exercise.
Wind the thread-gum on the shuttle bobbin hand, pulling it well at the same time.You can use the automatic winding.
spandex Adjust the tension by tightening or loosening the screw - will depend on the density of the assemblies.Your task - to ensure that the gum was of the cap with a little effort (but not too heavy or light).
upper threading.It must be reinforced to withstand ready puffs further large load.
Set maximum stitch length.The line will be used by regular, direct.
Leave at the beginning of the lines are rather long "tails" of threads.Reinforced thread stretch on the wrong part of the fabric and tie it to the spandex in a strong knot.To secure the future assembly, you will need an additional quilt initial segment manually.
Start doing a neat line with the "face" of the product.The first seal is still quite weak, so you need to perform a pair of parallel lines.Proceed in the following sequence: prostrochite assembly line for the first time before the end;Turn 90 degrees;Make a parallel line etc.
sure to stretch the fabric hand to just under the machine foot assemblies nor lead!
Thoroughly work out in the sewing nitkoy- rubber , to find the desired compression ratio for tissue assembly.Note on the sample fabric seam lines.This should be the same material from which you are going to sew puff!Assemblies can get you more or less tight and lush - depending on the spandex, the fabric structure or the thread tension.Just choose the best option of tailoring assembly, proceed to the implementation of the entire product.
recommended to perform the assembly-line on individual pieces of clothing, and then sew the model.Do not forget to reverse at the end of each of the finished assembly, or fix the "tails" manually.Then your self-made outfit for a long time will not lose shape.