Letters Baubles trailing in the same units as the whole of the fabric - the difference is in the intertwining colors.Nodules of different color against the background form the contours of your letters and words.
Cut some floss thread in two colors - for example, the sides are on the two lines of the same color, and in the center - the five different color threads.The right is another thread that can not be cut from the roll - it you will
weave knots at warp threads.
Working thread tie all the threads from right to left until you get to the extreme left.Then go to the next row and knit knots on each thread from left to right.
it is best to be in front of the eyes of the future scheme Baubles - it points should be marked rows of knots and other colored nodules that form letters .Thus, you will know which number to start to change color on the knots.
Continue to weave Baubles background color, until you reach the scheme to the series, which appeared the first fragments of letters.Once you weave some background nodules, and the moment will come to weave the first letters knot, braid it in the opposite direction - for example, if the background nodules were from right to left, then knot letters to go from left to right.
Similarly, if the nodules are the background from left to right, the knot letter should fit in right to left.Continuing background knots, whipping them in the same direction as the first - the opposite color text nodules.
Tighten knots harder to pattern obtained smooth and neat.This way you can weave any letter both Russian and English alphabet.