you need
  • - shoelaces;
  • - bulavochka.
Calculate the required length laces .Make it easy: Determine the length of the bracelet, and the resulting figure multiply by "four" - this will be the length of shoelaces .As a rule, used for weaving laces a little more than a meter long.
Tie laces common node, leaving the ends of such a length that one could make the eyeballs.Then use a pin to attach fake couch: during weaving bracelet will not be twisted.
Weave baubles with a diagonal stripe.To do this, the outermost string, located on the right, to the lace tie at the base, then the same drawstring tie to the second, then - the third and so on to each order.As a result, it should get a diagonal stripe, consisting of nodules.Then proceed
with the weaving of the second series follow the same weave pattern as that in the first row.Weave Baubles desired length.Then remove the laces with a pin, and the remaining ends of braid pigtail.
Want to add symmetry to the baubles?Then weave their way to the middle of the above, then start to weave the opposite side: make a mirror image.The result will be two arrows.Meet in the middle laces tie a knot.