you need
  • - cotton thread;
  • - hook thickness of thread;
  • - beads, colored threads for decoration;
  • - needle.
Select to skullcap cotton threads, thick or average thickness.This can be worsted or "iris" in addition 2-3.For worsted suit hook №2, for several coiled thread "Iris" - 2.5.Binding should get very tight, especially at the top.
make a chain of 5 stitches and lock it in a circle.Tie in the ring 10-12 columns simple.Spread them evenly in a circle.Skullcap can be knit circle or spiral.In the first case, close the circle and make polustolbikom 1 air loop on the rise.The second o
ption series will move seamlessly from one to another.To the distance from the center of the uniformly add loop knot mark the beginning of a different color of the second row.
During knitting the following series at regular intervals add on hinges.Knit 2 sts in the first column of the previous row, do 4-5 more columns and re-add 1 column.As the distance from the center of the gaps between the additions of loops increases.Make sure that the edges of it were smooth.The wavy line is obtained by adding too many loops.In this case it is better to dissolve the last row and tie it again, reducing the number of new columns.
When you get slightly convex circle with a diameter of 12 cm, tie a few rows with the decrease in the number of loops.It is necessary to skullcap does not fall down from the head.Reduce the number of each of 4 loops provyazyvaya with 2 column at regular intervals.Knit so no more than five rows.You should have something like a saucer with low margins.
Skirting knit circle without any increase or decrease of the loop.Its height is 4-5 cm. It is possible to knit all the time the same viscous and can be on the edge to make a delicate pattern.It could be teeth or shells.For example, such a pattern.From the beginning of the series tie a chain of 3 stitches, skip column 2 of the previous row, knit 3 column with nakida 3 aerial loops over 2 columns, 1 polustolbik in a column of the previous row.Repeat this pattern until the end of the series.In the next row of the arch tie 3-4 column and above the bars do polustolbiki.You can take any other lacy pattern.