you need
  • - Yarn (to perform very smooth pulling thread is better not to take);
  • - workers spoke.
first examined with the terminology of the word "broaching".It so happens that in knitting are two completely different concepts got one name.This word can mean the part of the loop, rather, a thread between the two hinges on the right and left needles.This broach can be used in addition to knitting loops.To do this, grab her left needle and pull traffic away.Then grab the right needle for a loop back wall and pull the working thread on the front of the knitting.You get an extra loop on the right spoke.
If you mean by broaching method subtraction of loops, keep in mind that they are simple, double and even triple.Feeding of the two loops (si
mple broaching) as follows.Knit one loop of the front and put it back on the left needle.The right-hand needle to enter the front of the knitting of the second loop, grab and pull through it first.As a result, you have a second loop, which you will not provyazyvat in the next row, tilted to the right.The result was a simple broach.
to loop after provyazyvaniya was tilted to the left, enter the right needle through the two loops and pull them through the work string on the front side of the web.You got that knit the two loops together.