you need
  • - beads;
  • - shells;
  • - decorative cord;
  • - decorative braid;
  • - wire;
  • - plastic bottle;
  • - hand drill;
  • - wire cutters;
  • - Adhesive "Super Moment";
  • - duct tape.
Easy to make, but you can get a spectacular bracelet, beads strung on a thin large decorative cord.Fold half the length of the cord and make a knot at a small distance from the fold so that a loop.The size of the loops must be sufficient for threading through it the largest beads, which will serve as a clasp bracelet.
string on a folded lace beads.If the material for the bracelet is not enough, you can after each bead to tighten the cord knot.
filling beads long enough to encircle the wrist bracelet lock components, tightening the knot in the cord, and after adding a large bead or button that will serve a
s a clasp.Secure the last component of another knot bracelet and cut the remaining string.
for making bracelets beads can be alternated with middle-sized shells.To make holes in the material, attach the tape shell to a wooden cutting board.Using a hand drill with a drill diameter of about 2 mm, drill a hole through the tape in a shell.
If you want to make a decoration preserving the form, use a wire with memory effect.Separate from the roll cutters desired number of turns and treat one of the ends of the wire with glue.Nanizhite few beads on this site.
Put the remaining beads on the wire.To bracelet not scattered, the end of the process it the same way as the start: Apply glue to the wire and put on him a few beads.
as rigid a framework for the bracelet, you can use a piece of clear plastic, cut off from the bottle.Connect the plastic strip into a ring and secure the edges with duct tape.
Decorate the outside of the bracelet wide decorative tape or strips of fabric with a pattern.You will need a piece of tape that is longer than the circumference of the bracelet on the size of the seam allowance.Sew the ends of the fabric tape so as to obtain the ring and pull it to the plastic substrate.
a similar way to make the lining, which will be located to the inside of the bracelet.The fabric is not moved in the processing of the edges, however dressmaker pins through both layers of plastic.
trimmed edges of a loop seam bracelet, piercing the top decorative layer, plastic lining.