you need
  • - 500-600 g of yarn;
  • - needles number 6 and №7;
  • - circular needles number 6;
  • - thread;
  • - needle or sewing machine.
What do you thing or knitting, always start with the control sample.A small rectangle or square will help you avoid many mistakes and, therefore, rework.According to the model we will see whether the value of the thickness of spokes selected yarns and whether they are suitable for this pattern.
get a sample of slightly stretch the measuring tape and measure.Count the number of loops and divide it by the width of the sample.The resulting number of loops in one centimeter multiply on Merck parts you are going to knit (the value indicated on the pattern), or make payment according to your measurements.
knitting needles back on the dial the desire
d number of loops, according to your calculations.Bind gum 1x1 (alternate one front and one the wrong) 5 centimeters.Then go to the spokes № 7. Cloth knit straight 65-79 cm loop close.
Before knit as well as the back, only vyvyazhite neckline.To this end, 60 centimeters from the start knitting close 10 stitches and knit in the middle of each side separately.Rounding to subtract each second row 5, 3 and three times with 2 loops.The remaining loop shoulder close by 65-70 cm from the start knitting.
Then proceed to knit the sleeves.Type in the spokes of number 6 about 40 loops and elastic knit 1x1.3-4 cm from the start knitting needles go to number 7 and knit front embroidery.For bevel sleeves added to each sixth row of a loop.Close all the loops through the 50-55 cm from the start knitting.
All items Pin the pattern to the safety pins, moisten and let them dry in the expanded form on a horizontal surface.Follow all seams.Sew sleeves into armholes.
Lift up on circular needle loops around the neck and elastic knit 1x1 to the desired length of the piping.Likewise knitted collar "golf".The piping can also be linked separately and sew by hand to seam kettelnym neckline.