you need
  • - bottles made of transparent glass;
  • - vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices;
  • - knitting needle or a long stick;
  • - concentrated acetic acid;
  • - wax or wax.
Soak the bottle in hot water to make it easier to peel labels and excise stamps.Then, wash it thoroughly and soak for a few minutes in a large saucepan of boiling water for sterilization.
Prepare vegetables and fruit for decoration bottle : carrots, pickles, corn, asparagus, radishes, olives, green beans, etc.Wash and dry t
hem.Small products pass through the narrow neck of the whole.Large fruit slice.Apart from the usual slices and slices, use a fantasy cuts.For example, the composition can be decorated with "stars" from carrots or patterned ribbons of citrus peel.The decor tive bottle with vegetables must be present fruits that have natural antibacterial properties and enhance the effect of the preservative.It is a bitter chili, garlic, fruits and berries are high in acid (oranges, lemons, cherries).To push the bottle citrus inside , cut them into thin slices and roll up into a tube.
Think composition decor tive bottle , based on the materials that you have at hand.Usually pick contrasting food and have their layers, playing with the form of the vessel.Layers shift herbs and spices.It is recommended to draw a few options on paper and choose the most appropriate.
Pattern the bottle fruits and vegetables, in accordance with the figure.To the fruits it easier to pack and distribute, use a knitting needle or a long wooden stick.By filling the vessel, insert the neck of the funnel and gently pour the contents of concentrated acetic acid.Plug the plug and sealing wax or wax fill.As a finishing touch, you can wrap the neck decor tive bottle piece of coarse linen cloth, wrap twine natural or propylene, decorate with beads, shells, dried herbs or vegetables.