you need
  • - stramin or other tough canvas;
  • - special tapestry needle with a blunt, rounded kotsom;
  • - rather thick thread embroidery
To perform the first needle stitch print on the front side of the upper right corner of square canvas.On the underside of the end of the thread, leave such a length that it can then be inserted into the needle.It will need in the future to secure the thread.Hold the tip of the finger of the left hand thread.Pull the working yarn through the intersection of threads of the canvas and put the needle in the lower left corner of a square canvas.
from the bottom left corner of the square canv
as print on the wrong side of the needle.On the front side of the needle deduce again from the top right corner of the next square canvas.So work your way from right to left until the end of the series.
In order to start the next row, turn the canvas 180 ° and continue to embroider a new series from right to left.You can also sew a new row without turning the canvas and left to right, above the previous close stitches.
Upon completion of either the wrong side, slide the needle under several stitches and cut the thread.Insert the needle in the rest of the threads that you have left at the beginning of embroidery and also pull it under several stitches on the wrong side.