you need
  • Any easy elegant fabric, fabric for padding and petticoats, decorations for dresses, sewing accessories.
Make pattern.The dress consists of a circular yoke, which plays the role of the upper part and the front and rear halves of the gown.The two halves make a flared.Remember small armhole.The wider the hem of her dress, the fabric looks better under the yoke.To compile the pattern, remove the child all the measurements and transfer them to the millimeter tissue.
on fabric lined and strengthening sizing cutting circular yoke.Sew the front and underside of the coquette, but not completely.This is in order to make it easier to sew the hem to t
he yoke.
cutting hem.Its better to do with petticoats to dress was magnificent.Treat the first armhole at the front and then the back part.
Make pleating on the top edge of the hem.This is done by foot assembly.Place the top edge of the hem between the underside and the front side yoke.Then prostrochite skirt with yoke.When you sew the hem to the yoke, to see to it that the two sides were sewn symmetrically.To do this, mark the yoke from the inside using a tailor's chalk.Carefully mark the sides and the middle, and then re-hem scribbling with a yoke.
Do the same with the second half coquette.
dresses Sew seams on the sides.Do this from the bottom of the hem and up to armhole.Optionally, you can decorate the hem of her dress ruffles and flounces, sew beads, applique and beads.It is also possible to decorate a beautiful dress with embroidery.The girl would be happy to wear a dress, because it is hand sewn mother and, therefore, steeped in warmth and love.