you need
  • - wire;
  • - beads;
  • - fishing line;
  • - needle.
One of the main types of equipment used in the manufacture of bulk toys beads - parallel fence.Start weaving left and continue directing work in the right direction.In the manufacture of an animal primarily GENERAL Build nose since the wire ends always convenient to conceal in the rear.
When reading circuit weaving volume figures note that the long formulas are often cut.Identical rows extending one behind the other in series, are recorded once.Other data indicated in brackets.For example, if you want to perform a series of 8 identical 6 beads in the formula is written: 6 (8).Remember that always indicated in brackets number of identical rows.
parallel process of weaving written formulas, de
noting a sequence of rows and the number of beads, which is necessary to produce each of them.First, the wire cut to the desired length, nanizhite the number of beads, which is indicated in the first line of the circuit.Then - an amount of beads as is specified in the next line.
Pass the other end of the wire through the beads strung together to produce the second row towards the first end of the wire.This does not affect the beads of the first row.Pull the wire to complete the formation of the second row.Note that it should be located just above the previous one.
then string on one end of the wire beads amount specified for the third row and shape its similar to the second.Thus, using the techniques of parallel plaiting each row is threaded two wires protruding from two opposite ends.With this product becomes more durable.
mastered the technique of parallel braiding, weaving proceed to the volume, the main idea of ​​which is to place a series of beads are not in the same plane as each other.Now, a new series of tightening the wire, bend it slightly and place over the ready-made series.
Upon completion of weaving toys you will find that it does not hold the shape, since the series is not bonded to each other.To secure the stitching rows follow.Thread the needle in a thin line, at the end of which a pair of tie knots.
Thread the needle at the bottom row of beads.Secure by passing the thread through the knot.Tighten the line so that it is held in the middle of each row.Secure the figure on one side and then the other.